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    Hey folks, here's what I've got:
    • A brand new Cingular Treo 680, to replace my old 650
    • A G4 Powerbook
    • A newly-installed [from the Treo CD] copy of Palm Desktop

    When I click the Sync button on the USB cable, the 680 and Desktop talk to each other...but the Desktop keeps installing software over and over (including trial versions of programs I deleted from the 650 a year ago). Calendar items and contacts remain un-synced.

    I realize this is probably a Conduit Settings or HotSync issue, but I've tried Googling several combinations of words and am finding lots of solutions to other problems, but nothing on this one. Any help appreciated.

    p.s. Yes, I did back up my entire database from the 650 before I started this whole process, so I'm not panicking. Yet.
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    Hey folks, can't find a way to delete that initial post and it may help someone else anyway...Just rebooted both the G4 and the Treo and things seem to be syncing up just fine now.

    Knock on wood, but I've had great luck with this combination...virtually no problems at all. The only issue I've had with my Treo, period (besides the crummy phone signal in my area, which is filled with trees) is the periodic resetting of the 650, which would eat my VersaMail inbox...but so far so good with the 680.
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    Update: The Hotsync Conduit kept barfing up hairballs over the Calendar app, so I Googled and learned about the PURGE option...It's a piece of cake, and I should have been using it all along. D'OH!

    ('Purge,' for doofuses like me, is a Menu option that allows you to archive items older than 1 month, or even a few weeks. I had been pondering this for a while, and yet it still never occurred to me that Palm had likely built in a solution...

    I'd had my last Treo for two years, so you can imagine how gigantic my Calendar file was. D'OH, redux!)

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