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    I want to get text messages on my Mac but don't really want to pull out my phone. Mainly because the settings I would use this feature in it would be rude to lean over and unhook my treo from my waist. I have a 650 and was wondering if their was a way to pair it with my PowerBook 17" G4 through Bluetooth and use something to just type the messages on my computer and send them through my comuter, as well as receive and read them on my Macs screen. Maybe a program does this.

    Thanks (btw my provider is Sprint)
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    Send files from Mac to/from via bluetooth to/from Palm.
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    You can also drag and drop text files onto the BT file exchange icon to send the plaintext (.txt) file to your Treo via BT. Your Treo will import that as a memo.
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    I was thinking more SMS messaging, something like instant messenger except all of my 'buddies' are other people on their blackberries and treos. It's just an idea, I haven't found anything except things like John's Phone Tool or whatever that is. I was thinking through my messaging section of the Treo I would be able to somehow to connect it to my mac and talk in those conversations on the mac. While I'm at it, is there a way to use my Mac as a sort of bluetooth headset for the treo, using the audio from my speakers as the headphones and the built-in mic as my microphone.
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    Address Book has the capability to synch with bluetooth phones to provide the functionality that you are looking for. There is documentation in the address book help files, but I think that verizon/microsoft may have intentionally not provided support for these features for Treo's with Windows. I am currently using missing sync to connect to my Treo 700w but I have been unable to pair my treo with address book. I really excited to hear if anyone has succesfully enabled these features on a treo with windows or with the Palm OS. I hope someone has developed a fix, because I don't expect that microsoft is going to release an update to help out mac users any time this decade.

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    As far as I understand it, the only way to use the Treo to SMS would be a custom app written to utilise the BT module in the Treo.

    The way that the Treo internally separates the OS from the phone features does not allow addressbook or other apps that can associate with the phone through BT (like salling clicker) to work.

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