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    I saw this on and I thought I would post it here. This is a program that automatically flushes out the dbcache on your user defined setting. On powerup/powerdown/start an application/exit an application/etc...

    The name of the program is called Flush It.

    Anyway I thought it was useful.
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    Good find. Haven't tried it yet but I've been looking for a replacement for SharkClear since it was abandoned.
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    I found the best dbcache clear solution; 680.

    ResetDoctor does fine on the 650 to maintain cache, too.
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    I was forced to flush Flush It, as it caused a reset every time it attempted to clear my cache. I don't necessarily blame FI. There is a serious 3rd party app conflict going on here that only a hard reset will rectify (damn you versamail or butler or ???)
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    I tried Flush It! twice on my 650. A reset occurred within 30 after its use each time. I deleted it.
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    Well FWIW I have yet to have mine reset.
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    If flushing your cache leads to a reset, you have a bad application. It ain't Butler, I can tell you that much.

    If you don't already use Resco Locker, you should. Lock programs which have locked databases but do not already lock them themselves. If those applications call their DB and it's flushed, crash.

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