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    My 650 is making calls by itself. Yes, they are on favorites buttons that are on the first screen, but I have Keyguard. So first some button would have to be pushed (in my pocket) to turn the phone on, then the center button would have to be pressed to disable the Keylock. Then the center button would have to be pressed again to make the call. This happen ALL the time. What do you think is going on here?

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    could be a Palm trojan. are the numbers that are being called ones you know?
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    There are no Palm trojans, wtf.

    Your keyguard is likely not engaging sometimes. It happens. But if it's happening often, that's odd. Perhaps you shouldn't carry it in your pocket.
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    No Palm Trojans? Then what's this? & this & this I dare say their is a Trojan for just about every OS
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    The likelihood of a Palm trojan is really low. Anyway, the symptoms you have described are those that lots of people have when carrying the device in their pocket or "unprotected." The solution is a case. I have mine in a case without keyguard active and no unwanted calls.

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    what happens to me is that an email comes in, or sms comes in and unlocks the screen and then a button gets pushed.

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