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    hey, my phone restarts. i don't use versamail. i was about to call someone, then that person called me and when that call came through my phone restarted. any ideas on how to fix?
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    I am sure you already tried hot syncing it.
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    Welcome to the WWT (wonderful world of Treos).
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    i'll try another hot sync when i get home... i did one this morning.
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    the hot sync doesnt help. when i get an incoming call sometimes it restarts on its own. not every incoming call makes it restart though. anyone know what could be wrong?
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    Do you have lots of 3rd party software? If so, which one's?

    Try a hard reset (you'll lose all 3rd party applications and all your personal data.. but you'll get those back when you Hotsync). A hard reset will set the phone to "factory" conditions.

    If the problem goes away, then the problem is caused by one of the 3rd party software (probably something you installed recently).
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    all i have is Butler, Splashblog, and Googlemaps. nothing else. havent even had anything else on, except FileZ, but never actually used it.
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    My phone was doing that today but all i did was reinstall the firmware i guess it worked because it stopped restarting


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