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    I was able to delete the corrupt VersaMail files that were causing my phone to reset everytime I opened Versa Mail. However, I did a hotsynch and the files were reloaded. Can someone please tell me how to stop this?

    Also, I have loaded the trial version of Chattermail, and so far I like it. Can someone tell me how to remove Versa Mail from my phone? I might just do that and purchase a liscense for Chattermail.

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    To stop the VersaMail files from reloading, delete them from your Backup folder (usually C:\Palm\(your HotSync name)\Backup or C:\Program Files\Palm\(HotSync name)\Backup.

    To remove them from your Treo, use FileZ and make a filter for "Creator ID contains" asc. I think that will display only the VersaMail files (and all of them). Copy them to a SD card, if you have one, then delete the files from internal memory.
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    Note that this won't actually REMOVE VersaMail (as in, you aren't going to get any extra memory out of this deal,) because it's in the ROM of your device. If you really want to be rid of VersaMail, you'll need to make a custom ROM.
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    Yeah, I dont know if I am ready for Custom ROM, so I guess i will just leave the versa mail on the phone and just not use it. So far I like Chatter much better. I was hoping to free up some memory though, but I will just fix it so that the corrupt versa mail files arent reloaded when I hot synch.

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