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    So I did the battery patch last Friday. Much better battery btw (off the charger from Friday at 5:00 until Monday morning at work still with 30% battery).

    Anyway, I was playing with the security option to lock the device after a period of time yesterday. This never worked before. I could set it to 15 minutes wait 30 with no use and it never locked. Now, post patch, it actually locks after whatever period of time I state.

    Just wanted to share for those that tried to get their Treo to lock before and it didn't seem to work.
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    Coicidence, the patch changes one library; the camera one.
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    One theory could be that the phone won't lock until it actually goes to sleep.
    The camera was preventing this. Now that the camera acts properly, the locking mechanism can fire.

    (my theory)


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