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    Hello Visor enthusiasts,

    I currently have a VPL, a Backup Module and BackupBuddy. Recently, I purchased the MD-001 CF Adapter and wondering if I need 'another' backup SW such as JackBack. Could you tell me if JackBack is unnecessary or should I buy it. Thanks.
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    I'm not going to tell you whether you should buy JackBack, or not. It sounds as though you have most bases covered with the backup module & BackupBuddy.

    What I will tell you is that I use JackBack and I find it works very well. It takes around 30mins to backup 6Mb on my VDx, which sounds like quite a long time, but from that point on JackBack only does incremental backups (i.e. it only backups what has changed). This takes around 3 minutes.

    The other useful feature is scheduled backup. I have my VDx set to back itself up every night, at 3am. This was I know I always have a recovery solution, with having to put any effort in.

    The downside (major or minor depending on your position) is that, due to the current CF solutions not having flash memory, there needs to be a way of restoring the CF drivers & JackBack before you can restore from the CF card.

    I solve this by having these drivers and software on my ThinModem, which I always have with me.


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