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    I thought it would be nice to have a central place for people to post the macros that they have come up with to automate repetitive tasks on their 700P and essentially make life easier.

    Please post your macros in this thread as they may help others (like me!) with automation. I will start it off with this one from another thread:


    This macro turns on and off the date/time tick box in Prefs:

    As I discussed above, I set up a Macro to update the time prefs and then turn them off again. My macro completes this process in about 3 seconds and will do this every morning...automagically...forever. I set it up as follows:

    IMPORTANT: Before configuring your macro, you’ll need to go into: Prefs/Date & Time and make sure the boxes are de-selected before continuing.

    1. Install & license MacroPlay if you don’t already have it
    2. Select: ‘New’
    3. Name your macro: I named mine: UpdateTime
    4. Select: ‘Prefs’ as the application associated with the macro
    5. Select: Start Recording
    6. Select: Date & Time
    7. Select: Get date & time from mobile network…wait for a second…then:
    8. De-select: Get date & time from mobile network
    9. Select: Done
    10. Select: Home button (if you want the macro to return you automagically to your main launcher view after macro completes)
    11. Select: Off button (Red Power button) to end macro-creation process

    This will bring you back to MacroPlay so you can configure how it is going to run.

    1. Select: the icon on the right of the screen next to the macro name (DO NOT select the text name of the macro or it will run – and you don’t want it to run just yet)
    2. Select: Playback Speed
    3. Select: 4X
    4. Select: Schedule Macro
    5. Select: When and select: Time
    6. Select: time you want it to run (I have mine running at 4:00am)
    7. Select: Start Date (select tomorrow morning as the date, whatever that is)
    8. Select: Repeat
    9. Select: Day
    10. Click: Ok
    11. Select: Main

    Now, run your macro (tap macro text name) to make sure it does what you want it to do. Although you spent a few minutes configuring this macro, you will find that it will now automagically update every morning at 4:00am and you will also see that the update process is very quick. (like around 3 seconds)

    Good luck and happy macro-ing!!!

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    I set one up to automatically check for new messages when I open my email. I imagine one could schedule it to check regularly too, probably much more efficiently & less buggy that versamail's built-in automation feature.
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    How can I learn more about writing macros?
    any help would be much appreciated...
    need the quick how to....

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    You don't have to "write" them. With MacroPlay you just start recording & then go through the actions you want it to take. For example, to set up my email macro- I named it, specified the app, started recording & then simply hit "get" in versamail once it opened. Then I hit the power button to stop recording and voila- Macro love. you just hit record & then perform the actions you want IT to perform FOR you, then save it. Once its recorded like that, you can either schedule it to run at certain times & at certain speeds, or upon a certain keypress. I have my email mapped to the calendar key, so I set it to execute when I press that key.

    its quite easy really.
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    I have a few macros set:
    1. turn bluetooth on/off
    2. to backup emails w/ snappermail once a week
    3. get weather updates first thing when I wake up
    4. start/stop ptunes while i'm going to sleep
    5. start/stop kinoma player w/ my local radio station in the morning for news, traffic etc. while i'm getting dress in the morning

    macros are really usefull, I love 'em.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Awesome application! Thanks for pointing it out!

    I've been having some fun with it and PalmVNC. So far I was able to have it log into a remote computer and log on to our website to do some browsing (just have to be sure the mouse is in the right spot).

    I like the fact that it is a keystroke program instead of code
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    Don't set it to flush your cache on schedule though. I tried to set it to flush with Reset Dr every 12 hrs & it started freaking out & going through each macro I had set up over & over again. I had to hard reset & restore to stop it.
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    I pass on the hard reset!
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    Smart man.

    Although it wasn't a problem for me b/c I do daily backups, w00t...
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    True about the backups, and one good macro can make a big difference! I'm tempted to give it another try, but I'll have to think of the macro I need first.
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    I've been playing with this lately also. I think I will try and use it to set up profiles on my treo. I tried the current version of profiles, but it seemed to really slow down my palm, and there is no BT switching.

    BTW, if all you want to do is update your time palmary clock wireless does it a lot easier.
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    anyone know where I can download MacroPlay?

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    Using scheduled macros to automatically:
    - Turn BT on in morning
    - Turn BT off at night
    - Set alarm in World Clock to go off Mon - Fri
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    Has anyone had trouble assigning a keystroke to a macro? I have made the assignment, but it doesn't work. I still have to tap the macro to get it to start.

    My macros:

    1) Start Goodlink automatically on soft reset (otherwise I sometimes forget and don't realize that Goodlink has been off)

    2) Silence my alerts on both Goodlink and Chatteremail. When I go to sleep, I run the macro and it goes to both programs and silences them so that my phone won't vibrate. In the morning, the same macro turns alerts back on.
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    This is neat. Works on the Treo 650 as well.
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    Turn off the phone at midnight and back on at 4 AM.
    Update currency rates at 4:05 AM
    Update SplashMoney at 4:15 AM
    Update QuickNews at 4:30 AM
    Update Sports at 4:45 AM
    Update 4cast at 4:55 AM

    Get up at 5 AM and all is ready to go.

    I also have macros that I activate manually (RescoExplorer backup macro (typicaaly used once a week), RescoExp macro to filter for PIM DBs and saved prefs and copy them to the card (used more regularly), and others).
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    Turn off the phone at midnight and back on at 4 AM.
    How do you turn the phone off and on, since the red key stops the macro recorder?
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    How about a macro that automagically emails Palm inquiring about the firmware update? would be tragic if everyone set that one up...

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    I used to use TreoOnOff, but now it's built into Hi-Launcher, which I also use.
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