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    I was think that it is a pain to have to press a button to see the screen when the phone is on standby. I don't think it would take much energy to have the screen on and just the backlight go off. It is a transfective screen, so it can be read with enough light. So I am looking for a way to keep the screen on all day, but have the backlight come on when I press the power button?

    Any ideas?
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    yea me too... Like a Blackberry.
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    Well, ProfileCare can do it probably.. Assuming it can set the time to be forever. If not, perhaps Profilecare and AutoOff, setting AutoOff to never go off.

    You do realize, however, that the Palm goes into a deep sleep mode when it's off that it will not do when the Palm is on, right? You're going to use battery much faster.
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    pocket tunes has a shut off screen when not in use. de select it and keep I tunes open. doesn't have to be running I don't think. I did this with playin music to completely drain the battery.

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