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    I've been asking about this in several different threads and forums and have started to get some answers. I figured to help myself and share my findings, I'd put them here and add to them so that others can learn from it (And in the cases where my sources are wrong, correct it).

    First, my definition of multi-pairing (which seems to be different from some manufacturers definition) but is hopefully not too far off the mark from any formal definition: The ability to pair with multiple devices simultaneously so that interaction with all devices can be conducted seamlessly. In particular, for phones, this means the any calls received on any paired phone will be routed to the headset in the order that they are received. Outgoing calls are routed based on the currently active phone (How the active phone is determined is then up to the manufacturer to describe - hopefully this thread can expand upon that).

    So far, the only stereo headset that I know of supporting mult-pairing is the Jabra BT8010.

    An example of a multi-pairing mono headset is the BlueAnt X3 which allows you to select a phone/PC by tapping on the power button (multi-function-button) multiple times. The only thing better would be a headset that allows you to cycle through the devices and automatically knows to pick up on any of the devices.

    An example of a headset that does not fully support multi-pairing would be the Motorola HS850 (my current headset) which allows you to pair with multiple devices but only allows a connection to one phone at a time. Switching between phones has to be done manually on each phone for incoming and outgoing calls (Involves 3 menu pages on each phone). I have not researched mono headsets until I am convinced that this cannot be done with a stereo headset.

    A cool alternative to multipairing would be some intelligent software on the treo that allows you to manage a local "network" of bluetooth devices, acting as a gateway between phones and laptops. I get the impression that this isn't possible with a Bluetooth 1.2 device.

    I put in inquiries to Plantronics, Blueant and Jabra about their stereo headsets (The BT590A, X5 and BT620s, respectively) asking them how their devices would handle connectivity with a A2DP source (e.g. a laptop/mp3 player) a Treo 700wx and a blackberry (both with HSP/HFP).

    As I get the full response with them I will edit this post but currently this is my understanding:

    Plantronics BT590E
    "The Pulsar 590 headset can be simultaneously connected to one device using headset or handsfree profile for use as a mobile phone headset as well as one device using A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) for use as stereo headphones for music. You can seamlessly switch between the two connections using a control button on the headset."

    In other words, the seamless transition is between A2DP and HSP (which can be two different devices). Update: "No; the Pulsar 590 headset can only be connected with one headset/handsfree device at a time". So you are limited to manually changing the default pairing for two phones.

    BlueAnt X5
    "You could easily stream from your PC and answer your Treo, but you would have to use the Streamer rather than the built-in Bluetooth of your laptop. This would allow for a “Scatternet” connection which connects the X5 to both a stereo sound source and a phone for calls. When a call comes in, the music is muted and the headset will ring. Once the call is over, the headset switches automatically back to the music."

    "You will have to manually disconnect and reconnect the X5 to your other device."

    They did however offer up the X3 micro as a mono headset that offers a very simple interface for switching between devices. From

    "Disconnect from the currently connected phone by Short pressing the MFB and VOL. Connect to any of the three paired devices on request by short pressing the MFB. Once for the first paired phone. Twice for the second paired phone. Three times for the third paired phone."

    That is the kind of functionality I am looking for with a stereo headset.

    Jabra BT620s
    No email response yet. Although none may be needed. From : "One of the great things about the Jabra BT620s is that it can be used with various Bluetooth devices. You can connect your Jabra BT620s with 2 devices, enabling music playing and phone connectivity at the same time. For example, it can be connected to a phone and a music player simultaneously or to a PC and a phone, etc., though not to two mobile phones."

    Jabra BT8010
    I noticed some posts in the following thread that suggested that the BT8010 might be able to handle multiple phone devices:
    This is indeed the case. From the Jabra manual:
    "Your Jabra BT8010 lets you connect to two devices for phone and music features. Please note that the BT8010 will have different rights in terms of controlling these two devices." "Note: The last paired device is automatically set as your primary device. If you would like to change your secondary device to your primary device, please press and hold the mode button. You will receive an audio notification indicating that the primary device has shifted." "Note: Please note that you can pair a maximum of 2 devices with the BT8010."

    This device is almost perfect for my needs. If only it supported an mp3 player/PC as a 3rd device.

    I haven't looked at the Bluetake offering or the Motorola HT820 but my guess is that the Motorola suffers from the same issues as the HS850.

    I'll add more as I find it out - but if you have any insight into this (or evidence that contradicts anything stated above), feel free to share.
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    man I was just wondering the same thing. I have a SOny Ericsson hbh ds970 & I want to pair it with my phone AND computer for skype calls. problem is there is no way to switch back & forth easily. I can have a separate headset pairing on treo & music listening pairing on pc (cannot talk into mic) & swithc between the two easily. but no way to switch between to phone type devices. have you tried this or anyone else have any tips for the hbh ds970 to pair to two "phones" & easily switching between the two??
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    Pairing with two phones is what I need. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Pairing with two phones is what I need. Ben
    If you don't need stereo, the Blueant X3 seems to be one of the best ways to go. That allows very simple switching between multiple phones.

    If you want stereo, the viable option currently seems to be the Jabra BT8010. I talked via email with somebody who has one of these and they said that the OLED display makes switching between phones very easy.

    Turns out that for me, it is a no go because (and this is a new requirement of mine) it has an eargel which irritates my ear (My current HS850 sits outside the ear but sucks otherwise).

    I'm curious to see how difficult the Plantronics 590a is to re-pair with two devices. I may just use that (at least I can listen to music on my laptop).

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    Thank you for the information; I just purchased the Blueant X3 via Amazon. Ben

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