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    I just recently noticed that when I look at either the Datebook or Datebook+ on my Visor Platinum, there's a small black circle down at the bottom of the screen. It's just to the right of the GO select-field, which is in line with the NEW and DETAILS select-fields. It's about the size of an uppercase "O", and it's completely black. I don't recall seeing this until just recently, so I assume it's an indicator of some kind...but what is it indicating??
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    Are you talking about the dot that appears when you tap the Graffiti area to enter a symbol?

    That's my guess.
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    Boy, do I feel dumb! That was it...I guess I must've tapped the screen at sometime, and apparently the Visor remembers that even through switching applications, and powering on and off. It was still waiting for me to complete the "punctuation" I had at sometime started in the Datebook. Thanks!
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    No problem...happy to help

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