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    hey sorry guys i dont have time to search the forums i'm inbetween classes.

    however i just got a new sprint 700p that wont get out of reset loop

    keys notes:
    it wont pass the Access Powered Screen
    I've tried Soft reset and Hard Resets

    i'm open to any suggesions

    thanks for anything you can offer,

    i cant take my phone in .. i have zoti's antanna and i dont have my t5 torx.
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    i hope you have your data backedup, cuz you're going to have to do a hard reset and loose all your data.
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    yeah, you might have to search for how to do the 'Total' Hard Reset. You will need a friend to help, but I've found that a normal hard reset or two will get you out of the loop.

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    Iíve had this issue with two Bell Mobility CDMA 700P phones. Neither of them would get out of the Access screen. All the various ways of hard resets, soft resets, system resets, battery removal (even overnight) ó nothing worked. Twice I had to return the phone for a new one.
    My present (third!) 700P has been good for three weeks now. The others all failed within 2 weeks. One more failure and I think Iíll return to my old 650 ...
    I now backup four different ways every day (NVBackup ó my most reliable; Backup.Net; BackupBuddyVFS; and RightBackup). As well, I hot-sync using Missing Synch, and also with Synch Buddy. I use the latter to keep a duplicate copy of my SD card. Six different backups is silly. One backup plus one synch approach should be sufficient.
    I having trouble waiting for the much-ballyhoed 700P update ...
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    Hard reset is definitely the answer. I know you said you tried that, but the same thing happened to me once, I tried and tried to do a hard reset, but the loop just kept coming. I finally took my phone into a Verizon store thinking I was about to get a replacement, but after 2-3 tries the girl behind the counter was actually able to make the hard reset happen. However, there was more than the loss of my data. The whole phone needed to be reprovisioned.

    It took a total of 10 minutes. I applied my backup and have been back in business without issue ever since.

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