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    Has anybody used both the Handspring Photo Album and ClubPhoto's Album to Go? Which is better? Note - I have a prism. I see Album to Go has a new version available.

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    ATG 2.0 is nice and it's automatically crop your picture to prism screen size, so the picture is clearer.
    ATG 2.0 can zoom in and out too.
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    I like the picture viewer on the MemPlug (PiViewer)because you don't have to load the photos into the Visor's memory and my camera uses smartmedia...
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    ATG 2 is pretty nice... the zoom features are a little bit clunky, but being able to include the entire image without cropping is a vast improvement. The 16-bit color is just gorgeous on the Prism, and the icons are a nice touch.

    I did have some trouble with an album I tried to create with about 15 16-bit images using the 'quarter VGA' (320x240 max) setting... the file size was approaching 2 megabytes, and only 9 of the images transferred correctly. The picture listing for photos 10-15 was all garbled in the ATG picture listing, and the program gave me errors when I tried to view those pix.

    The only reason I abandoned FireViewer for the HS photo album was the ability to move albums to and from my Matchbook drive (16 bit looks great, but really hogs memory!). Fireviewer files don't work when you copy them back onto the Visor. ATG2 doesn't seem to have this problem, which is great... the program does rename the album files a little bit cryptically (atg_album_985662657.PDB, for example) but I'll bet it's possible to rename the album to something more friendly before storing it on a CF card.
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