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    I've already searched and haven't seen anything on this. I have the phone turned off and I plugged in overnight to charge the battery. In the morning, the green light is on and the icon shows 100% while it is still plugged in. As soon as I unplug it, the battery immediately shows 99%. Is this normal?
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    Since it takes power to show you the power level, it can't possibly be 100%. Power was used and no longer available (at least that is how I see it).
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    Normal and nothing to worry about, but you may get lucky one day and it will show 100%.
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    Correct. The Treo 700P doesn't ride on 100% for a while like other Palm PDA's. It's normal behavior for this device.

    (My Vx used to stay at 100% for quite a while before it started it's downward trail).
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    Good to know there isn't a problem with my device. Thank you for all the replies!
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    I'm used to getting satisfied by getting 99% (or lower) with my Treo: battery and everything else. Helps lower my frustration while enjoying the power of a converged device.

    Sorry for my random thoughts. Anyway, 99% is really the max you can get on a Treo 700p battery meter even right after I unplug the unit off the charger after it's been fully recharged.
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    just another 700p bug
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    I only get 100% on my Verizon 700p when it is plugged in. The moment I unplug the charger, the level goes to 99%. This makes sense to me.

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