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    So I ordered my new Treo 680. When it comes, I will upgrade from my current Zire 72. I know it is best to do a clean install, and reinstall all the apps on my PDA onto the Zire (rather than using something like BackupBuddy to just copy them back). However, what about apps on a SD card? I assume I can just insert the SD card as I did before to run various apps - right? And if I want to, since I have more space now, I could just copy the apps from the card to the PDA, right?

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    Not completely sure on the apps on the SD card question. Obviously -- do the clean install from the Zire 72 to the Treo 680. As far as apps on the card -- my suspicion is that it depends on the app.

    I have not had a problem with the method you describe with apps on my SD card. (DiddleBug, Filez, eReaderPro, GoogleMaps, Movie Guide, Pocket Checkers, Pocket Chess, SlovoEd, TCPMP) However, I cannot say for certain that all apps on an SD card will be okay.

    Just be watchful.

    Cheers, Perry.

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