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    when upgrading from Treo 650 to 700, I inadvertantly overrode VersaMail ap with WirelessSynch ap. I tried resynching to desktop that had VersaMail but WirelessSynch now seems firmly embedded into Treo 700. How do I uninstall WirelessSynch so I can reinstall VersaMail??

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    You are right. Wireless sync is firmly embedded in the firmware. You can't remove it unless or until there is an update and then, with a custom rom. BTW, if you ran wireless sync on your 700, and don't use it you should hard reset. I recall that people were having trouble with WirelessSync slowing down the 700. Also, if you upgraded from the 650, you should install your applications and data fresh, and not choose the upgrade path of importing all your 650 data into the 700. You will likely have less problems if you do it fresh.

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