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    Good evening. I am a long-time happy Treo user, and sometime reader of this wonderful forum. I have a question regarding Hotsyncing my new Treo 680 that I could use help with, if you have time to respond.

    The cable that came with my 680 did something neat that I had never noticed before with my Treo 650, Treo 300, Handspring, Palm VII, Palm V, Palm III, etc. Namely, when I hook my Treo 680 via the Hotsync cable to my DESKTOP PC, it charges. No need to recharge separately, rely on a car charger, or cradle, etc. I just plug one end of the cable in my desktop's USB port and another into the Treo and it charges right back up. Cool. This is a really helpful new convenience to me.

    Here's the problem: This same thing does NOT occur for my laptop. Now traveling away from home in New York City, I plug the same Treo into the same cable directly into EITHER of the two USB ports on my Dell laptop, and three things happen -- none of which involve recharging:

    (1) No power output/recharging of the Treo
    (2) No recognition of the Treo when I Hotsync -- it's like the cable is incompatible or something -- I hit the Hotsync button and the laptop doesn't see I'm Hotsyncing, and so the Treo just cycles out.
    (3) A chime begins sounding on my laptop, every 10 seconds or so DEE-dum, duh-duh-dum. It's like the laptop is trying to tell me the cable is incompatible?

    So while I love my new 680 and how well it interfaces with my Dell desktop, since not only does it Hotsync but it CHARGES while cabled up -- I simply haven't been able to do any Hotsyncing at all with my laptop or while traveling.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Help needed.

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    One thing I've realized I can do is just do the Bluetooth HotSync, so I guess I can bypass the cable. But knowing the cable can also recharge my Treo -- if I could just get it to do that -- makes it worthwhile to figure out an answer here, anyway.
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    Bump -- can anyone help? --DG
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    If I didn't know any better, I'd suspect that you have a problem with your USB on the laptop. I believe the chiming is telling you that you've just plugged in a new USB device, so it sounds like (when it works) that the laptop keeps saying, "Oh, there's a new device. Now it's gone. Oh, there's a new device. Now it's gone. repeat ad infinitum......" Have you ever had issues with any other USB devices? Do you have access to a powered USB hub? Try plugging it into that and see what happens.

    Good luck
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    Definitely, your USB connection is bad either where you plug into the laptop or on the other end where you plug into the treo. What chalmers is saying about usb going in and out is the clue.

    You can try the hub as mentioned or even just an extension cable that comes with alot of USB sticks to see if it's the usb connector side or the palm side. Sometimes my treo will become loose while connected to my desktop also and I need to unplug the treo and replug the treo for it to get a good connection. I also get the bing bong, or I just notice that the charge light on the treo goes off.

    also you could try cleaning the connectors on the treo and the plug with some alcohol and a q-tip.
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    I am not sure that your USB jack is bad. I've had that chiming and indeed it means it has found hardware it doesn't recognize, but that doesn't mean your jack is bad--to the contrary,it might mean it is working find, but that software somewhere is not recognizing what the jack is indeed discovering. It is probably something very minor in configuration. You probably have to go back to settings on your hot sync icon in the laptop, make sure it is set to USB, , make sure your port is the same, etc., go to your settings in XP and make sure the hardware manager has everything ok. When things like this have happened to me, it has taken forever to straighten it out, but it always has in the end. It's just not all that likely that you've suddenly got a hardware failure in your USB. In fact, that you can do this with Bluetooth with no setting changer is a bit suspicious--sometimes I've been able to do that, but others, I have to change the Configuration in the Treo itself. Go to hotsync, and press menu to check your configurations. If it is set to Bluetooth make sure you've checked off that it is going via Cable. In fact if you go into Connection Setup, it will then show your laptop highlighted (or it should...), then go to edit that, it should be on "Cradle/Cable." If you are able to bluetooth, it is probably on Bluetooth in that box, where it should be Cradle/Cable. It worked for me.

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