Pretty new Treo user/owner and still figuring this all out. There are currently two items that are bothering me, both of which I've found old threads on but, as of then, there didn't seem to be any real resolution.

1. When I receive pictures from others and save to phone, a lock icon appears on them. This prevents me from doing anything with them other than viewing, and if I try to assign it as a caller ID it makes my phone restart. Are there any fixes for this problem or do people still have to find a work-around (various ways proposed in past threads)?

2. Sprint/Palm must be in cahoots with the eyesight industry to create a caller ID picture that's 1/2" in size. Holy cow One post suggested using LightWav and I've downloaded that trial and tested it, but even now the picture might be only 1" in size. Coming from an A900 (Blade) where the picture ID filled up the ENTIRE screen.... like most other phones these days... I certainly expected my Treo to perform the same way. Is there any hope???