As a matter of fact, it works fine if I am adding or editing items in Entourage and then sending them to my Treo. The problem is that if I update or change any records in my Treo, they are not transferred back into Entourage - they are ignored or overwritten with whatever was already in Entourage. I didn't realize this was happening, and all of the changes I made in my Treo were blown away. The same thing is happening with my Contacts and Calendar. If I add a new contact or calendar event in my Treo, it does make it to Entourage; however if I update the details of an existing contact or event, the changes don't go through. It's as if it will only send new items over to the Mac. All of the Entourage conduit settings are set to "synchronize", so this should not be happening. This is making me mental. Please help!