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    I have had my Treo 650 for a few years. I just got a laptop and remembered that PDANet worked to connect the two together using a USB synch cable. I connected to the internet this while in the car as my wife drove during our last trip. Fantastic!
    However, when I disconnected and looked at my battery usage some time later, it was down to 20%. I charged it up overnight and after 2 hours it was down to 30%. I deleted the PDANet from my Treo and recharged. Now I can go 2 to 3 days without recharging, which is normal for my Treo. I tried adjusting all the settings in PDANet, but I get the same thing. I don't want to have to install/uninstall each time use this program. Anybody see this before or have a fix?
    Forgot to mention that when the PDANet program is loaded but not being used, the Treo comes on and off every minute or two. Apparently it is searching or roaming or looking for some sort of signal.
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    PDAnet should not cause a problem if it is not running. It doesn't run in the back ground. In fact, if you have a sync/charge USB cable, you can actually charge your Treo from the PC while you are surfing the net. I would guess that your battery issues may be due to being in areas of low or no signal.
    The battery drain can occur because the Treo is constantly searching for a cell tower just to establish the normal phone access. It happens to my wife all the time at work. She has taken to turning off her radio at work so that she doesn't have to recharge every night. I use PDAnet regularly and have not had a problem with battery drain any more than if I were using blazer for the same period of time. The one thing that could cause extra drain is if you are using it over bluetooth since that uses additional power as well.
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