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    Anyone else find that if you pull the headphone cable out of the mini jack while making a call, it terminates the call connection instantly as if the red button was hit?

    Palm told me my phone needs to be replaced, but I wonder if this is just a quirk most people never notice. Could someone try this and see if they have the same thing occur ? I do worry it's a sign of something goofy going on with the wiring... but I just have a sneaky feeling all the Treo's do this.

    I mentioned this previously in a longer post I made, but wanted to call attention to this specifically.
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    Nobody can tell me if their phone does the same thing or not?
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    Haven't had that specific problem. I did have the phone disconnecting if I moved the plug in the jack. They weren't able to fix it and replaced my phone.
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    Thanks for responding! Sounds vaguely similar.

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