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  1.    #1 current treo had a headset jack failure and I am getting it replaced. My concern is...when I synchronize my new treo to my computer, will all my registered apps work on the new treo too? Even though there's a new serial number for the serial keys to code off of. Thanks guys
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    Almost all your apps will work so long as you keep the same hotsync id as your last one. I've owned several treos over many years.

    A few exceptions are expensive programs like TomTom. You might have to call in to get those changed and they will change them, but most programs just check your hotsync id and make sure it's the same when you input the serial #.
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    Most will, some won't. Those that don't usually have a web page to generate new keys based on the device.

    I recall having to do this for Pocket Quicken (Landware) and possibly Agendus.
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    Almost every software company that requires new keys will get back to you with a new key within 48 hours if not faster and won't charge you anything for it.
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    wow..thanks for the fast replies...i apprecitae your help. That has solved a lot of my concerns as I remember having to submit my hotsyncID in order for them to provide me a serial. Thank you guys.

    Another concern is about skyscape software. I am in the medical field and spent over $100 on software from there. I remember them asking for my devide ID which was an alphanumeric for them to provide me a serial...perhaps I should just call them up and give them my new device id if it doesn't work

    thanks for the replies...i was driving to iowa from chicago and i was streaming from and all of a sudden my phone stopped working.....figured it was a headset jack failure cuz i can make and receive calls, however, i can't hear them and they can't hear me...and the speakerphone option goes away..making the treo think there's a headset plugged in when there is not!!
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    Pocket Quicken no longer has this problem, at least not on the 700p. As I recall I only had to redo LauncherX and Kinoma 4 (had to be re-activated in a slightly different way) of over 50 third party programs.

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