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    Sorry I have to sound cheap.. but anyone's got a link for a free niv bible download?
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    I would start at As a note, NIV is not free, it requires a licensing fee; therefore you will find free readers, but NIV you will probably have to pay for. Ben
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    Last time I checked, the NIV from Zondervan was around $20. IMO it's been well worth it over the last couple of years I've had it.
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    Got my license for $15; got an Online Bible version that I converted for use with Bible+. Sorry, can't seem to find the site anymore though.
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    Probably not ideal, but you can get NIV free by pointing your Blazer browser to and NRSV at
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    Here is the mentioned Bible+ link, although I could not find the translations page they used to have:

    You won't find a legal free copy of Zondervan's NIV as they are sticklers on their copyright of same. BTW, a better translation IMHO (used the NIV for years) is the English Standard Version (ESV). Here's a great site to help you decide on the Bible translation that's right for you:

    The NIV is a "Dynamic Equivalence" translation whereas the ESV is a literal translation (word-for-word) that is very readable. Here is OliveTree's English Bibles list:

    If you absolutely cannot come up with $16.75 (or so) then the free ASV is probably your best choice of free ones.
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    I know you said you wanted "cheap" but IMO Laridian is a fantastic product for bible use. The reader itself is $10 but then there are about 3 or 4 different versions that are free including ASV and KJV. NIV will run you about $25 but the features in the reader gives you alot of great tools like highlighting.

    I run multiple versions and with MyBible 4 it allows you to split the screen between two different versions (or a version and a commentary) so you can compare...very slick.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    Hey Dave,

    Nice lookin' family BTW! I also own MyBible and a bunch of Bibles and study tools from Laridian. Craig Rairdin (President) called me personally and we talked about an hour when I sent them an email voicing my displeasure in their releasing and promoting the Today's NIV version (gender-neutral), which basically butchers the original language and in many cases distorts the original meaning of many passages.
    Craig agreed on my negative view of the TNIV, but defended offering it saying people should have the choice (which I disagreed with him on and still do). But that's another story.
    I read through the Bible in a year using MyBible a couple of years ago (I have read through it the last 8 years), so I'm very familiar with it. I still use and love the Laridian Daily Reader for daily devotionals. But MyBible has not been undated in a very long time and appears to not be under development. Laridian has definately shifted their focus toward WM5 development.
    Of the three major Bible applications I have and use: Laridian (MyBible), GMPSoft (Bible With You), and OliveTree (BibleReader), here's how I'd have to rank them:

    1. OliveTree
    2. GMPSoft
    3. Laridian

    GMPSoft's Bible With You is actually the best implementation, with unbelievable screen pops and reference compilation, but I give the edge to OliveTree because of the content available.

    Anyway, any of the three are very good and it's definately great to have God's Word with you everywhere you go. I also own about $800 worth of Logos Libronix PC Bible software that I hardly even use because I just love reading the Bible in the "Palm" (pun intended) of my hand!
    Lord, who will we go to? You have the words of eternal life. Jn 6:68 <><
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    just revisiting....

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    NIV cannot yet be free as it is under Zondervan copyright. Laridian, OT, and GMPSoft are your best bets for it.
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