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    This is a message I get everytime I hotsynch

    -- Voice Memo
    Voice Memo conduit cannot synchronize with the Voice Memo database on the Handheld, because the version of the database on the Handheld or the desktop does not match that expected by the Voice Memo conduit.
    Voice Memo synchronization failed

    any ideas why?

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    Voice Memo conduit? I don't see that particular conduit as part of hotsync for my Sprint 700p...

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    The voice Memo on the 700P does not sync to the PC -- the conduit that is on my PC was leftover from my Tungsten T3 . . . . I get the same message . . . . .

    gone looking for the other thread that explains more. . . . .
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    The easiest method I've found is to use the Send/Message option in Voice Memo and address it to your personal email. Works like a charm.

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