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    I know, I know.. wrong area for this question. I posted in the Media section but there isn't much traffic there so no nibbles...

    I know this has been addressed in TC but I searched and couldn't find an answer that solves this issue for me.. TIA.

    I can delete songs (not the ROM songs, but those I've put in the device) from the Card while in PTunes, but they stay on my playlist. FileZ doesn't recognize any song files on the card, so it can't delete them. Yet, there they are still on my playlist when I start PTunes. I can not find any way to clear them from the startup playlist from within PTunes, and my card reader and FileZ don't show them on my Card.

    How do I get these deleted songs off my PTunes playlist??? Please help! I don't want to look at every song I've ever put on PTunes forever regardless of whether they are really there...
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    Have you tried to just edit the Playlists themselves? (Menu/Actions/Manage Playlists)

    What format are you using for your song files? Filez shows the mp3 files on my SD card. Are you sure you are looking in the correct sub-directory? I have mine filed in sub-folders within the Audio folder.
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    You can't go in to "manage playlists" in PTunes, select the playlist that has the songs on it, and delete them from the list there?
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    I figured it out - the songs showed on playlist even after deleting no matter what I did. I reinstalled PTunes and problem solved. I'm not sure what it was but the reinstallation fixed it. Thanks!

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