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    For what it's worth, I used to keep about 8-9 Mb RAM free. (I had found the device to be unstable with anything less than this.) I cleared out some old programs and increased free RAM to 10.5-11.5 Mb. Remarkably, resets have decreased dramatically. I know see them only two or three times a week! I used to get them about two or three times a day.
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    That's a real shame! It's bad enough that the 650 has only 23MB of RAM, now you have to keep ~11 MB free to experience resets that still happen too frequently IMO? That's crazy. I've been experiencing a lot of resets, too. But if I have to delete the majority of my programs to fix it, I may as well get a different device.
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    I have about 8 megs RAM free on my Treo 650. I use Linkstart to run applications on the SD card. I don't have any resets (for weeks/months).

    People have posted here in the past indicating that one should keep at least 2 megs free. I haven't dipped that low, though.
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    I very very rarely have resets and it is by going through email to quickly, I can make it happen and I have had resets when I had less than 1 mb ram. But I currently have 4 without issue. I need to clean it up again.
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    I have 2Meg and don't have a reset since November last year when I finally locked (via Resco locker) one of my 3rd party beta application.
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    And what app was it you locked (iima)?

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