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    I was wondering if there was a way to ONLY auto sync or manually sync the calendar and contacts with versamail 3.5?? I have just upgraded from 3.0 where I could not sync these at all.

    Any way to do this? I use chatter for my email and done want to clog up space with the same emails however if I do put a new entry to my calendar or contacts I want it to update my exchange server outlook.
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    Yes, you can sync only calendar or contacts. In those repsective apps, click menu, scroll down to Sync Calendar or Sync Contacts. These applications are tied to the settings in VersaMail. So, you will have to set the account up in the VersaMail client.

    I also run Chatter as a mail client, on my 700P. So, I'm doing this.
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    So VersaMail can be set to leave emails out? That's cool. As a Chatter user the only reason I sync everyday with my laptop is because of calendar and contacts. Let me try installing VersaMail on my Verizon 700p.
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    Very interesting. Can you just sync the mail, and not contacts and calendar?

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