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    Quote Originally Posted by abe frohman View Post
    One thing that recorderx does that the others doesn't is record user defined phone numbers...that feature alone does it for me above the others. I don't have to remember to start recording when certain come in or out. Plus, the developer has been awesome withe the few, small bugs I've seen.

    I highly recommend it!
    Since getting my 700p the other day and seeing this thread, I've been considering both products (RecorderX vs. CallRec). Sounds like the feature mentioned above is the main feature CallRec lacks? Could someone elaborate on how that functionality works in both products?

    Also, it sort of sounded like playback quality (RX) is sometimes great, sometimes not. Wondering what's up with that.
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    In my experience, the other party's sound quality was AWFUL (whisper soft) with RecorderX, while it was lound and almost as clear as my voice with CallRec. Everything else is secondary at that point IMO.
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    Version 1.4 is now out, but still no better audio quality . I decided to send support the following message today. I'll let you know if they respond.

    Thanks for the update. I use a Treo 680 and the recording quality is poor with my set up. Every few (3 to 4) seconds the recording pauses. I can see this graphically while recording and it is evident during playback, as well. The playback of me counting to twenty skips many numbers depending on how quickly or rythmically I count. I keep hoping that "minor internal updates" will translate to "improved recording quality ", but it hasn't. Other recorders; namely the built in one and CallRec, do not present this problem. But I've registered RecordeX and want it to be my recorder of choice. I have tested this with various SD cards, including a SanDisk Ultra II card. Regardless of which card I use I get the same results with RecorderX. Moreover, reading posts at TreoCentral, I see other users are experiencing the same. I am more than willing to help nail this issue down through further testing if you are interested in addressing the problem. Please let me know.

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    Eight days later...still no response

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    Quote Originally Posted by duke duke View Post
    Eight days later...still no response

    Guess that just killed their sales.
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    Actually got a response this morning. It reads...


    Thank you for your letter.
    We will do our best to solve this problem.


    What?!? WE WILL DO OUR BEST to make a recorder that works before selling it? Geesh!
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    just stick with call rec 4.0
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    I have found RecorderX to work awesome. And, the developer has been very responsive to my bug reports and feature requests.

    I've tried callrec as well and just liked RexorderX better. My .02
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    I have the same skipping issue, I like how recorderx file naming includes the callers contact name instead of just the telephone number. Cant wair for them to fix it.
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