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    if you have widcomm bluetooth (not XP stack or vista stack) you make a dialup connection with no username or pw to dial #777 make sure you make the modem on your BT serial port.

    If that does not work try this:

    Sounds like youre mixing DUN with reverse DUN. With reverse DUN there is no need to dial anything from the computer. The Treo negotiates a connection with the bluetooth.

    I can try to give directions.


    First off if you have SP2 its going to install M$ version of the bluetooth stack. You want to download the drivers for your device or do a google for Widcomm 5 drivers

    Install your 3rd party drivers BEFORE PLUGGING THE BLUETOOTH KEY IN

    If you hook up the BT device to your computer and have 2 icons for bluetooth, one red and one white, go to this thread:

    Once you have the BT drivers working correctly, right click on BT icon and Add a Bluetooth Device

    1. Pair your phone with your computer

    2. Go into the Advanced Configuration in the BT tray icon

    3. Under the Local Services tab, select Network Access and click the Properties button

    4. Change the dropdown box to say 'Allow other devices to access the LAN/Internet via this computer'

    5.. Press OK, then OK again to close the BT dialog boxes

    6. Go to My Network Places, right click on your LAN card (that is connected to the router) and choose Properties

    7. Click on the Advanced Tab

    8. Check the box under Internet Connection Sharing that says 'Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet Connection

    9. You may or may not see another drop down box stating to select the network to share on, if so, select the Bluetooth Network.

    1. On your Treo, choose Prefs--->Connection

    2. Press NEW

    3. Enter a name, you can call this RDUN or whatever
    ----Connect to: Local Network
    ----Via: Bluetooth
    ----Device: the computer name you paired to

    Press OK, and DONE

    4.. Go to Network Prefs

    5. Hit dropdown menu button and choose NEW

    6. Enter a name for the Service

    7. For connection, choose the connection you created in Step 3

    8. Press Details button, then Advanced

    9. IP Address Automatic

    10. Primary DNS, on mine, is the LAN ip of my router.

    11. Press OK, then OK again, then CONNECT

    The treo should try to establish the connection and you should see a notification on your Computer, you might have to click the BT icon (will have turned blue) and allow access for the first time.

    That should get you started. This info is already posted on TC but this is how I have it. I just set mine up this week.

    For the other posters as why?

    Well, I use my Treo to listen to XM talk for bedtime. I dont have a computer in my bedroom, so I Reverse DUN to my computer so I can connect to XM online. Yes, i could use Sprint's data network, but why waste it, especially since its on for 8+ hours (I fall asleep to it)
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