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    I was wondering if it would be possible to display emails from chatter... like displaying the 5 newest emails from chatters summary, or specified folder, above or below tasks... what do you think?

    I am also experiencing some delays when starting 2day on power up. sometimes my treo wont respond to my first push of the red button and sometimes it takes a little while to start up. I noticed that when i take my sd card out there is no delay. i also read on the forums that it was sd related but supposedly fixed (i think thats what i read). Any input?

    Thanks for a great app by the way!
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    On the 2Day topic, are you using the latest beta? There was a release out long, long ago that was a bit on the slow side.

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    i think i have the latest version. i am using version
    1.51 build 053, is this the latest?
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    i was also wondering where i could get the skin maker, i cant seem to find it anymore.

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