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    I'm new to the music transfer thing and sort of frustrated too. I've read some well written posts here regarding music transfer so I'm guessing some of you can help me. I'd really appreciate this.

    I had subscribed to unlimited to go (Yahoo) and thought it wasn't working so I am in a trial with Napster to go. I haven't cancelled the Yahoo service yet and would prefer to keep it. But after reading some posts I'm thinking maybe it's just me and the way I'm trying to do this ..and not the software and the 680.

    Here's what I have in terms of hardware and software:

    Treo 680
    the Card Reader program for my SD card on the 680
    Pocket Tunes Deluxe....the latest version available currently
    A subscription to Yahoo! Music Unlimited to Go service

    I think I have the tools I need and I have seen comments posted about how nice the Yahoo program is. I just can't get music transferred and Yahoo support has not been very helpful.

    I must be doing something wrong.

    First off, when I use Yahoo music unlimited to go and transfer tracks that I put on the computer from my Cd's, things work fine. The MP3s I recorded from internet radio also play fine on the 680. I cannot get subscription music tracks or streaming music tracks transferred from the Yahoo music jukebox to the SD card on the 680. My SD card shows up in the directory on the music jukebox left side when using card reader. When I try to drag music there I get an error message that says "transfer error." The message says that my portable device cannot accept or play (?) subscription music. As a test I purchased a few tracks from Yahoo music unlimited and transfered those. Now those transfered but when I went to play them P tunes gave me an error message about licenses and would not play them. They play fine on the pc itself but the 680 with p tunes will not play them.

    Deep down I feel I'm close to success but feel I am just doing something in the wrong order or not following the right steps. I feel dumb that I'm not getting it!

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong with this or what I might be doing wrong? Does anybody have sort of a cheat sheet which lists the proper steps to do when transferring purchased tracks or subscription tracks like I'm doing? And explaining how the yahoo jukebox, the card reader program and p tunes deluxe all integrate together in this process?

    This thing is probably much easier than I'm making it but I would really appreciate somebody taking the time to give me a hand,

    Thank you very much.
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    going to the pocket tunes website for info. I had yahoo to go for a year, and eventually got it working, sort of. I am sorry I don't remember the exact steps, but you can find it on normsoft's website.

    That being said, I dumped Yahoo and went with Rhapsody-works like a charm and they seem to have a bigger catalogue.

    Good luck!
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    Do you know if Rhapsody works with a treo 680? Is it Rhaposdy go? If so, what are the steps to successfully transfer subscription music?

    This is really crazy....I'm even trying a trial of Napster to go and can't get it to work either. I'm beginning to think it's me....and not these programs... maybe?

    If Rhapsody to go works with the 680 any steps on how to do it would be greatly appreciated!

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    These features require Pocket Tunes Deluxe and are spelled out in the Pocket Tunes User Guide and product specifications. If you did not get the Music Bundle (CD etc.) with your 680, you can purchase the upgrade from

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