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    Is there anyone out there using AOL Instant messenger for the palm? I keep getting an error message reading Invalid ID and screen name. I called AOL Tech Support and was told I need to first download AOL software. I just bought a Thinmodem Plus, and I want to be able to Instant message my friends. It states on their web page, that the AOL Instant Messenger for the palm works just like the desktop version. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!
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    It works for me. You are trying to use an AIM screen name with it right? AOL names don't work. I don't know what else you could try. Maybe it's a conflict with a hack or some other program?
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    Hmmmm... Maybe you are spelling your name wrong, like not capitalising something? I know that this happened to me and then I realized i was spelling it visorguy2 instead of Visor Guy2. DOH!
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