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    LightWav 2 from Toysoft is out. I like this app a lot.

    And now it has a built-in Profile.

    This app has come along way from its early day.
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    Is there any overlap with profilecare? Can the 2 software happily co-exist?
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    This looks kewl! 'Bout to try it out now.

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    Where do you go to get this application?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Familyman View Post
    Where do you go to get this application?
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    Discovered a problem in Lightwav 2..

    When I setup a miss call to send an sms, Lightwav2 sends them anyway, even if it wasn't a miss call. As soon as a call comes thru, half a second later, an sms is fired.

    I don't know if its a general software issue, my phone (a treo 680) or a conflict with other software...

    something the author might wanna take a look at.
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    Do you have the latest version, which is Build #18? Take a look at this thread -- if you post herre, the author is very responsive.

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