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    Has anyone gotten this combination to work yet? I purchased a subscription to this service because the 680 was listed as a portable device that worked with the system. It does not and Yahoo! support is no help at all. What is wrong is that I cannot transfer music that is subscription music or music tracks that I purchased there on the site. The songs that were already on my computer and that I own transfer just fine. I get a transfer error message when I try to transfer subscription tracks or the streaming tracks. The songs I purchased there do transfer, however when I attempt to play them I get an error message from Pocket Tunes Deluxe about permission to play them or something like that.

    Yahoo! is zero help. They tell me something to the effect that the unlimited to go service is not designed to play music on SD cards and that the SD cards do not have the firmware necessary to play subscription music. Well...why would they show the 680 as a compatible device then? It does not make sense. I prepaid one year for the subscription and if I cannot get it to work I will have no choice but to cancel the service.

    FYI...I'm using the Card Reader program on my 680 to write to and read the SD card. This Card reader program is great. But I'm trying to get this yahoo music to go program to work. Any thoughts ????

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    I tried to just go to their site on the 680 says tmobile not supported yet
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    You would think it would be supported. Palm is distributing it with the their free Treo 680 Mobile Music Pack. Maybe you need the disc that they are sending with that kit.

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    I installed the disc file. its just a link that shows up on programs list I think
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    Don't forget to upgrade PocketTunes with the version that comes on the disk. If you did not get the Music Pack, then you must upgrade to PocketTunes Deluxe in order to use the third-party services. Details at, spec page and user guide.
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    Thanks for the input so far. I think I have got it to work but am still uncomfortable with the process. I sure wish somewhere there was a documented list of steps to complete. This is crazy!

    Not sure if I'm doing this right or if there is a particular order to all this madness......when I'm doing this....anyone..feel free to clarify, agree or correct me....please!!

    I have Yahoo Music Jukebox open on the pc.....
    Windows Media Player 11 open on the pc....and
    I go into P tunes on the 680

    Is this the only way to do this?

    Then it seems to recognize my 680 and allows me to transfer music...both purchased tracks and subscription music.

    Just hope I remember the steps next time!!

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    that link by the way is at the palm portal and it is
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    To initiate a sync start by opening the Yahoo Music Engine/Jukebox (YME - their name not mine). Plug the Treo into your computer via the USB hotsync cable. Start p-tunes and the conduit between the YME and the treo should start. Their will be a pop up menu on your computer asking you to make a selection. Select the yahoo labeled option Your SD card should appear in the left column of the YME. You can then sync a playlist or drag and drop songs. Beware the sync time is painfully long. It took 1-2 hours to sync ~ 40 MP3s on the initial sync.
    Good luck.
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    Do a search for FairUse4WM. You might find some interesting links with downloads.

    But if you've "upgraded" to Windows Media Player 11, don't bother. It doesn't play nice with FairUse4WM.

    Here's a link to get you started:
    PalmPilot Professional -> Handspring Visor Deluxe (Blue) -> Samsung SPH-I300 -> Sony Clie PEG-SJ30 -> Sony Clie PEG-SJ33 -> Treo 650 -> Centro -> Palm Pre

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