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    One of the things that amuses/pisses me off most about the Treo 700p is the fact that every one manufactured is uniquely challenged in its own way.

    It annoys me when I first turn on my Treo and wonder what type of hue my new screen is going to have.

    So far I've had vibrant white for my first 700p and a washed out red for my second.

    My first Treo 700p's signal strength got 1 bar in my bedroom while my second gets 3.

    It upsets me when Palm software developers have to post messages like this:

    "A compatibility problem has been identified with PXA Clocker when used on Treo 700p devices. While PXA Clocker works well on some 700p smartphones, it might not work, and often causes system crashes, on other 700p devices. This issue should be resolved in the future releases. Please try PXA Clocker Lite on your Treo 700p before you decide to purchase the Pro version."

    I had an issue with Chattermail on my first Treo 700p where I couldn't download .txt email attachments. I preformed hard resets on the phone many times and re-installed the app to no avail.

    My second Treo 700p had no issues when downloading attachments.

    ..... The list goes on..

    I may be naive to the fact that most technology is like this- as I am usually one to keep my first device; though, I just thought I'd point out my observations.

    Seeing this many differences between devices would be alright if you were comparing a Treo 650 to a 700, or a treo 700 to another 700 after a firmware update. But seeing this many differences with two of the same devices is a bit unsettling.
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