I have some file links on my Treo 680 which I set up on a previous Treo.

For a while, they were working beautifully. Even though the hotsync manager now doesn't "officially" support file link, my previously-established file links still worked just fine.

A couple of days ago, for unrelated reasons, I needed to reinstall the Treo desktop app. Now, I can't get the file links working again and I can't figure out what happened. In particular, when I hotsync, the process freezes when synchronizing contacts.

I've observed the following:
-- If I do a custom hotsync with no synchronization of the contacts, it works fine.
-- If I do a custom hotsync where the handheld overwrites the desktop, it works fine.
-- If I delete the Subsc.dat file which contains the file links, it works fine.
-- If I do a custom hotsync where the desktop overwrites the handheld, it freezes. When it's frozen, the first of the linked files is open, so the problem is happening there.

I've removed and reinstalled the entire Palm desktop app. I've tried installing the Treo 600 version, then reinstalling the 680 version on top to see if there was

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix it?

[Note to anyone at Palm who might be reading this: The "file link" feature was a terrific and simple way to share addresses, etc. within a company. I really, really, really wish you hadn't taken it away...]