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    I upgraded from Treo 650 to Treo 700p and I find the new button layout worse. I don't like the menu button all the way at the bottom. It was very convenient to have it near the 5-way navigator because it is right next to the thumb finger which is used for menu selections using the 5-way navigator.

    The reason why the menu button was moved to the bottom of the keyboard is to introduce the new Green Button. Here is the thing... what is the purpose of this button? As far as I can see it is only used in the Phone app to bring up the list of recent outgoing calls and to start calling after dialing the number. But both of those things could be accomlisthed on 650 by pressing the phone button which actually made more sense.

    So my point is this: on 700p the green button is totally superfluous.

    And here is my question: is there a way to program the phone to remap this button to something else? It does not seem to be possible in the Prefs app.
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    If you have Zlauncher, you can map it to call up Quicklauncher. Seems useful this way for me.
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    If recalls the last number I dialed. A waste for a button- I can do this from the call log.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpungin View Post
    Iwhat is the purpose of this button?
    I have found that the infamous Green Button is good only on St. Patrick's Day which, incidentally, is right around the corner!! (Whaddya mean I'm not wearing green??? WTF is this?? That's right! A 'Green' button!!)

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    I use LudusP to launch the command bar with the green button.
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    Butler also can change the configurations of buttons.

    But- you are complaining about having a button do something you can do through some other steps? In that case, there should be no buttons! Ok, maybe an on button would be all ya need. Just kidding!

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    I have used LudasP to remap the green button to "menu" since day 1. Not as good as the 650 stock layout but it is a reasonable compromise under the circumstances.
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