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    Quote Originally Posted by kpritts View Post
    MacroPlay made a huge difference in the "speed" of my 700p. Thanks so much for sharing.


    Autoamtion is virtually endless with MacroPlay. It is one of the great all-time apps for the Palm. I automate all kinds of things that are generally repetitive manual functions. If there is an action that you do every day, (sometimes several times a day), it can be MacroPlayed.

    I guess that makes me a MacroPlaya.

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbwjr View Post
    So would one recommend ProfileCare or MacroPlay to solve this issue? (besides turning option off in preferences)
    I think either one is fine. Get the one that gets you the most additional benefits. ProfileCare is a must have for me. I don't know if MacroPlay can execute scripts at specific times or change all the settings as seamlessly as PC. However, I am definitely going to check out MP for other reasons. I am a big fan of scripting and wasn't even aware of this app.
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