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    Hmmm.... I think I am going to post this on every board I can find so that as many people see this and choose another type of phone.

    So here's my problem...

    I have a Verizon Treo 650 which I have been using for about a year and a half.
    Prior to that I used a Treo 600... and before that a Palm 7135 Kyocera.
    So I am not a newbie to Palm.

    Today I attempted to do the firmware upgrade to Verizon 1.05a... big mistake!!!
    Phone looped into a E911 upgrade failure although I followed the instructions to the tee on the Palm website.

    After about 2-3 hours of attempting to reboot, reflash, or whatever I could I finally called Verizon who gave me to Palm tech support. Tech support worked with me for almost an hour attempting everything to revieve my phone.
    Well they can't so anything.
    I was told some phones had issues with the update but mine doesn't show to be a problem.
    My phone had sofware 1.01a software with a Mar 2005 build_75.

    Here's the best part....
    They want $199 for a refurbished phone... but after my explaining it should not be my fault ( I followed their instructions perfectly) they offered my a 50% discount to $100.

    So let me get this straight Palm.
    All the Treo sites announce your upgrade...
    I come to your site and follow your instructions which ruins my phone...
    And now you want $100 to fix it.

    Hmmm... now that's a money maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Goodbye Palm!!!

    Dissatisfied x-Palm user
    Case # 1-166359236

    (off to post on every board I can find)
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    Call Verizon support. Tell them what happened, that you contacted Palm and have a case number, and that Palm acknowledges that the update destroyed your phone. I would think that Verizon would replace your phone.

    BTW, had you done a search in the forum prior to updating your phone, you would have seen that many people have had the same issue if their prior firmware was not 1.04.

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    I appreciate your advice... thanks.
    Here's an update:
    Well my 650 crashed and died during the Verizon update to firmware 1.05a.
    I spend three hours between Palm and Verizon.

    I guess Palm changed their mind about charging me for the repair after seeing
    my mutiple posts here and on other boards.
    Funny... my 3 posts on the Palm site are now gone.
    I guess they screen the posts and don't want others to see the complaints?

    They called me late in the day and offered to repair my device at NO charge.
    I would just have to pay the shipping.

    Too bad I had already spoke to Verizon and they agreed to send me a refurbished one for $50.

    Thanks Palm for recognizing your problem with the download.
    I do appreciate it.
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    Cool I have a C4 vette too what year is that? Okay you have one solution. You need an old copy of your ROM dump or a copy from somebody else with the same version phone. What is your exact ROM number b4 the upgrade? Did it include letters after it? The letters are very important. Example I have two Cingular Treo 650s. One is called 1b.17-CNG and the other is 1b.17-CNB There are separate ROM updates for both. In any case you will need to find yours and then you will need the Treo 650 Rom tool to flash your ROM back. Drop me a PM with your email address and ill send you instructions on how to go about this. In the mean time try to find a ROM dump from somebody with the same phone on this forum. If anybody has it please send it to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BiliBug View Post
    BTW, had you done a search in the forum prior to updating your phone, you would have seen that many people have had the same issue if their prior firmware was not 1.04.

    Now why would he do that? the poor guy only put up 5 posts.
    not everybody is trying to hack their Treos.
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    I just did the verizon software update to my 650 and had "0" problems, And all works well.
    Is it just the different phones? Or am I going to have problems in the future?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronxboy View Post
    Now why would he do that? the poor guy only put up 5 posts.
    not everybody is trying to hack their Treos.
    He's been a member since December 2004. I've only been a member since June 2005, and have a mere 22 posts. However, I read this board daily, and don't do a thing to my Treo before searching for feedback and problems. Because someone doesn't contribute frequently, it doesn't mean that they arent aware of what is being posted.

    People began posting about issues with this update as soon as it was released. Not to flame the OP, but he didn't take the time to search for them before he hit the snag, but has decided to take the time to make negative posts afterwards. My intent was to advise him to do so in the future to save himself aggravation.

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    Yeah I'm busted ....
    I'm a TreoCentral lurker.

    I have actually been using the Tre0 650, Treo 600 (couple years ago) and way back a ..ummm 7150 I think Kyrocera. All have been Palm.
    I backed up my Treo prior to the install.
    It said it was version 1.01a Verizon.
    I never wanted to upgrade in the past because I was using the Shadowmite Hack for DUN as well as about 20 other programs I loved.
    My moving to a new house and always dropping the calls made me look for alternatives for a better signal. The Treo 650 sucked while my family's Razor, Chocolate and LGs worked fine. That was the reasoning behind trying the upgrade. I had read about other issues but they seamed to be with another version phone. Mine is a March 28 2005 build_75.

    About trying to fix it.... I should be getting my replacement phone today.
    Hopefully it will come with 1.05 on it. Then I hope I can find the new DUN hack. I see they have all been removed from Shadowmite's site.

    About the Vette... 1984. Bad year for vette's but a sweet car 70,000 miles. It is my second. The first was a 72 convertable. I also have a 65 mustang I'm working on now.

    Thanks for all your advice on this issue. I just wanted ppl to know Palm was not being fair about the upgrade. Since my post last week I have heard from about 10 ppl with the same issues I have.

    * conclusion of post number.....6 :-)
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    I also bought a Powermax ampliflier by Digital Antenna Inc. for around $400. It is an applifier using an outside antenna.. and an inside powerbooster for amplifying CDMA signals inside my house.
    It works pretty good.

    Now I can get a clear CDMA signal even in my basement.
    Funny thing is.... the EVDO signal from the newer phones and my aircard works through it too... but NOT the Treo. Still drops calls and gets a weak signal. Hopefully the new phone will receive better.

    Fingers crossed...

    <post number 7... weeeee hawwww >

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