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    Hi Goodguy,

    We're testing GMD and we've run into a couple of poblems that the techs on the phone can't seem to understand and consequently, can't seem to help us fix.

    We've created the GMD policy and pushed it out to a couple test phones. Things seem to be mostly OK except for the following two items;

    1) When the screen is locked with the GMD password bluetooth devices don't work until the screen is unlocked. Since there's no unlock option before seeing the call coming in we can't get the phone unlocked to enable Bluetooth.

    2) When the screen is locked with the GMD password Caller ID doesn't work.

    The techs asked us to do a couple things, neither of which worked. They asked us to enable the list for what applications are approved. They mentioned only Bluetooth but we left them all on for testing. Then they asked us to go into Protected Databases and enable Bluetooth. We did both, created an updater policy, pushed it out to my phone, and got the same exact problems as mentioned above.


    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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    Let me check with our product management group and see what I can find
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    Thanks. Our rep got me in touch with 2nd level support. While he wasn't able to answer the questions he did say he'd get with the GMD product manager as well.

    I appreciate everything you do here!
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    trodecke, any solutions that you guys have found? We need to know how to solve this so we can start enforcing passwords again.
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    I wish could give you good news (no pun intended) but it doesn't work. The word we got back from Good was that it was "Working as designed". Whether that means it was really designed to keep Bluetooth from working when the phone was locked or not or if it's just that Good doesn't want to spend the time and money needed to troubleshoot an issue on an "older" phone, I don't know. I suspect it's closer to the later because Bluetooth does seem to work on the Windows Mobile phones.

    There is a hack I found but it only works for a little while (whatever the timeout of the GMD password is). While the screen is locked press the "Dial" button to get to the phone screen without unlocking the phone. From there press the key for any of your speed dials. You'll be presented with a box that says something to the effect of "Bluetooth is currently disabled, do you want to enable it?". Answering yes to that makes Bluetooth and caller ID (contacts) work but only until the next time GMD would have locked your phone (5 minute delay for us).

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