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    Ran into this launcher that I haven't seen before or read about in any threads.

    It's called 'Go Bar' and looks kinda interesting -- emulating the Windows launcher bar.

    If anyone's tried it I would be curious to your thoughts.

    Here's the link:

    thanks -- dave
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    It was sooo frustrating. Maybe it was me, but trying to put applications in categories was like pulling teeth! I finally gave up.

    Recently, someone here put me on to LaunchMenu. It's a freeware hack (I think) that works very well once setup. Expect a few resets at the beginning while you try to customize it your way (for instance, there are some categories that you can't delete or rename properly (reset!).

    I experimented with it for a few minutes or so, figured out how I wanted it setup and then used ZCatalog to delete it's database and started fresh to get rid of the few "residual remnants" that I couldn't otherwise get rid of.

    I've been using it for about a week with no issues.
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    I tried it, it was fun for a while, but gets boring.

    I'd go for Launcher III, it's free and it rules.
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    Maybe this isn't much of an issue to some, but one of the reasons that I might stick with LaunchMenu is that it doesn't switch out of the current application in order to pick the next app.

    This is minor, but certain apps (AvantGo is the worst...) take moment or two just to change modes back to the default mode. It's like it goes through a graphics mode change or something. I find it annoying on my Visor Deluxe (hmmm... manybe a faster processor WOULD be nice!). Even then, it takes a moment for even the PalmOS standard launcher to fully display.

    Anyhow, LaunchMenu just pops up over an running application. If you change your mind, it just goes away. Plus, it launches DA and Apps and gives you the main list for the ones you use over and over and sub-categories for the others.


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