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    would the 650 stylus fit the 700 p?? thanks!
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    The stylus will fit, but the top portion will not blend into the case for a suave and debonair look that Palm intended. I just tried the 650 stylus and, at least for the Sprint phone the color is wrong but it works.


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    I third that. I lost my 700p stylus the 2nd day and am using a stylus now from a 650 3-pack I purchased at CompUSA. Ben
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    thanks guys-- also, do you know if the usb sync cable is the same for the 650 and 700 and is the 700 p different from the 700w??

    thanks again!
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    Yes, it's identical. I've never messed with a 700w so I don't know if the cable is the same for that though. I'd assume if it fits the connector it should be the same though b/c the p & w share the same hardware.
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    LOL you guy are going from frankengarnet to making frankentreos

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