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    Hey Everyone,

    I need help with the inital set up and initial sync of a Treo 650 with a Macbook Core Duo with OS X 10.4.8. I downloaded HotSync from the Palm webiste, installed, and then clicked on Enable Palm Sync in iSync. iSync finds the Treo but says that it cannot sync this device. Am i missing something? Another program? I know its a hassel, but i wanted to know if someone could tell me a pretty basic step-by-step instruction to get this working. I am using iCal and the Addressbook as my primary syncing programs, so i want to be sure i'm doing things right. Brand new phone, and I'm relatively new to Macs. I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone could give me. I am most likely going to get Missing Sync, but want to see if i can manage without it and save a few bucks.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    A few things to check:
    * Are you initiating the HotSync by pressing the button on the cable?
    * I presume you've tried restarting, repairing permissions (in Disk Utility), and resetting your Treo?
    * Any further details in the iSync log on the cause of the failure?
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    When you say you installed HotSync from a download on the Palm site, I trust you mean the entire Palm Desktop? You need the full program installed, even if you're using iSync.

    Is there a reason you didn't install the Desktop from the 650's original CD? I'm not sure the download off Palm is entirely compatible (or even as recent) as the 650's Desktop (which I'm guessing is 4.2.2) and that may be part of the issue, too. Thoroughly uninstall the current Desktop and try again with the CD if you can.

    With iSync set to do Palm syncing (and this will likely pop up a window informing you that some of Desktop's conduits will get moved to an 'unused' folder), ensure that in Hotsync Manager, that the conduit to iSync is present and set to 'Synchronize' as its default.

    Also in iSync (assuming the Palm icon is present there) click on it and ensure in the dropdown box that the setting of what it syncs are to your liking.

    Incidentally, there is a lot of information that you may have present in your Palm (categories, special fields, etc) that will not transfer over to Address Book with iSync.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks to both of you. I actually got it working eventually and did what you both suggested. So its up and running now. My only question though, is there a way to create the color-coded categories from iCal on your Treo 650? I understand that missing-sync does that, but i'm not sure if you can do that with the updated software and sync. I did read the "Answers to Your iSync and Treo Questions," and i read the limitations that exist in the iSync and Treo relationship, but I wanted to know if these little kinks were worked out since the posting of that thread, since it was posted in 2005. Thanks in advance for the help, if i have to, i'll purchase missing-sync, but if there's no need, i wont.

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