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    Is there a way to download new messages from several email accounts at once? I have 4 accounts configured.
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    I dont think so. I just set my two accounts up for auto updates.
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    Thanks. I just looked through the versamail guide for "autoupdate" and couldn't see how to set it. Which menu item is it? I presume you are referring to "Auto Synch?' I'll give that a try - thanks!
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    Yes, its auto sync. Just stagger your auto syncs so it doesn't try checking all 4 accounts at the same time.
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    Just a BTW . . . . every "check", "pull" and "screen on" until it times out of your VersaMail accounts is probably worth 2 minutes of talk time as far as the battery is concerned. Let's say you check each account twice an hour . . . . that might drain the battery of 16 minutes of "talk time" an hour or 6 hours worth in a 24 hour period. If you check each account once an hour -- that might be "worth" 3 hours of talk time a day.

    The 2 minutes is a SWAG on my part . . . . but you get my drift . . . . just factor in your e-mail "pulls" when you are estimating how well your battery is performing.

    Cheers, Perry.

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