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    touch screen stopped working after hotsync... how i fix this?
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    Hard reset gonna fix it.
    Treo Maniac?
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    okay 1st. get a buissnes card and go lightly around the edge of the screen casue there might be some crumbs or anything stuffed in there.. 2nd, do the thin where you have to hit the target with your stylis and I think you go to settings or start on the treo I don't remember possitivly but try those things..
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    Also, a screen protector edge may have become lodged between the screen and the frame around the screen. . . . . the screen will think it is being touched and not respond to any other touch. Take the screen protector off to see if this is the case.

    If dirt or screen protector is not the issue. Try a soft reset. If that doesn't work. . . hot sync to back up and try a hard reset.

    If the touch screen is still not functioning after a hard reset -- contact your carrier or Palm -- you most likely have a hardware issue.

    If the hard reset does restore the touch screen -- hot sync to restore your data.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    SCP_DRUMS... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I agonized over this for an entire day trying to figure out it after i dropped my treo 680! I know how delicate these things can be and i thought i would have to live the rest of my contract without a touchscreen. There was a tiny spec of dirt lodged in the corner of the touchscreen and i would have never have known to look if i didnt read your post.

    Eternally grateful. -Daniel

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