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    Yes, if you read many of ther other threads, this is one of the most popular gripes. Good hopes to remedy this in 5.0 which unfortunately does not come out for several more months.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    Oh my god! What have I started?!!!

    Many thanks to GoodGuy for enduring this thread . After a number of months, I come back to my biggest gripe: the password screen. (Remember, I am using Cingular 8525, so entering the password requires opening the keyboard, which is a bit slow on Windows Mobile devices...).

    Please, please, please introduce an option to have on-screen numeric buttons on the password screen. I will buy you chocolates and send flowers
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    Hello Goodguy,
    On a cingular 8525 after I upgraded the ROM to the new Rom cingular (htc) sent out... in the phone app the contacts key now defaults to the native phone contacts as opposed to the GMM contacts. any way to change it to the GMM contacts again like it was with the original 8525 ROM? thanks. I am on GMM version EN, WM5 ROM version 2.15.502.3, WM5 Radio Version

    thanks for any insight.
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    perhaps this thread's advice would be helpfull to you:
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