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    According to staff at the Newark Airport Palmstore, Palm has already ceased manufacturing the non-grey 680s. They are starting to refer to them as 'limited editions' and believe that they will be harder and harder to find. They believe the 3 colorful 680s will trade at a premium on Ebay.

    These guys also seemed to think that there will be other colors in the future. Special Pink edition perhaps? Or a black-tie (750 style)? Great marketing ploy if this is true.

    Well, who knows if they are right or not! So hold onto your colorful 680! It may have rarity value (especially if it works!).
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    That's some crazy news. Can anyone else confirm?
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    Oh. Smart.

    (1) Make product that sells like blazes.
    (2) Stop doing that.

    I didn't know that Palm intended to create an aftermarket for collectible Treos. Treo Hummel figures, anyone?

    I want a red one.
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    Good thing i got my sweet crimson.
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