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    Is it ok to leave a car charger plugged in even if my cigarette lighter has constant power (with the ignition off)?

    The only power that it would probably use is to light up the Sprint logo. I have the Sprint charger for the Palm Treo 700wx.

    I also have a bluetooth GPS thing...would it be ok to leave that on all the time and leave it plugged in as well?

    How much drain on the car batter do you think that would cause?
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    Not ideal, but if your battery is healthy I don't think it will cause a problem. Between the two I could only guess a couple watts at most. You could look into having your cig lighter relayed to the ignition.
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    there is such a miniscule amount of power drained off the battery it's nothing to worry about. there is probably more power drained saving the memory in your clock or radio then is pulled off a charger that's not charging. even if the phone was charging it shouldn't come anywhere close to draining the battery if left over night...or even for a weekend. Obviously if you're not driving the car for days you probably shouldn't leave things plugged in.

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