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    I am trying to use a PALM foldable keyboard with a 700p and Goodlink. The keyboard works great with all applications except good. The key response is delayed and in some cases the keys are dropped please provide a recommendation. Do I need a patch for good new driver or what?

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    I wonder if this has to do with the data connection. I compose and respond to dozens of emails a day. With all of my previous phones I would run into the problem of the Good app not being responsive to my typing while it was doing its occasional push mail search on the network. So I would start typing and all of a sudden the screen would stop. A few seconds later it might resume and enter in my keystrokes that had been buffered. But often times the lag was too long and the keystroke buffer would get full. So when the keyboard control came back it cut out the middle of what I was typing and then finished off the end, resulting in a garbled mess. Now that I have the Treo 750 with UMTS speeds, this rarely happens to me because the Goodlink server connections are much faster. Those of you with slower data connections will unfortunately continue to suffer. It is analagous to the old World War 1 and WW2 airplanes that had canopy-mounted machine guns. These guns were timed so that when they shot they missed the propeller keeping them from shooting themselves down. Good needs to implement something similar such that when you are using a Good app it does not access the server and cripple what you are doing. They keep shooting us down.

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